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Reading Scholarly Articles is designed to help students understand the components and overall structure of scholarly research papers. It draws on the expertise of subject area librarians, advanced undergraduates, and graduate students to provide explanatory annotations of representative scholarly articles in a number of different disciplines.


You can always click "Help" on the "Scholarly Articles" menu at the top left of the screen to return to this help file. Articles representing different disciplines may also be selected using the dropdown menu in the navigation bar.

Annotated Articles

You will find highlighted components in each example article. These highlighted components or annotations can be viewed by clicking an annotation trigger. Annotations look like this:

This is what the annotated components of articles look like. Click on these areas to see the annotation. If it was a real annotation, a popover would appear describing or analyzing this component of the article.

Popover Annotations

When you click on the annotation trigger, a popover will appear like this:

Popover Annotations

The annotations will describe, analyze, and provide context which helps understand a particular part of the scholarly article. To close an annotation and continue reading, click anywhere outside the popover.

Field Descriptions

Each representative article is supplemented with a field description page. The field description provides a brief introduction to the field, highlights important concepts and disciplinary norms, and answers common questions about how scholarship is carried out in the field.